A Million Castor | Stellar Space

from by FROMHELL

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A Million Castor
[Troop Commander :]

I'll be the light to bring you survivors
To find desire, spirit to reclaimed
It's a magical war
A million Castor
Orbit round the Earth with a breeze

The churchyard bells, save me from hope
The Corona already broken
Aphelion being close to earth
I can feel the light of spark wreckage

[Back to Troop Commander]

Violent splitting the earth and blood everywhere
Genetic alteration...

Tracing the night by the look in their eyes
And defend your heart, you will rise again
The worship God will find the darkness
Long forgotten day will raise the Dragon folklore !!!

Out of the darkness the lost soul will run
If you look back, it could be your last time
One world, one life, one chance
Ten years pass us by

I can hear the sound tonight
It's fade away when I wake up
Can you see my eyes?
Take hold of life
The memories will remain
For Alive !!! 2X

Who is it that you think you see
Lips locked as tight as myfingers to this Eclipse

Strangers waiting, he is living under the fear
Shine and darkness,
life beyond the apparition
The eternal cold night
The apparition of malignant spirits

Darkness fall,
Glory in the sun !!!
We'll find a place when the moonlight so bright.
My soul is free,
Scars begin to heal !!!

Darkness fall,
Glory in the sun !!!
Hear the whispers of hope in your heart.
Victory revealed,
Facing the light !!!

Now my monster is awake
You control your evil side
Lead us to the Hyper Galaxy
A celestial life

I am thy soldier in outer space
It's time to break the chains
Conjure the horde of demon
I see your face in my mind
I put a spell on you and
nature is being preserved

[Back to Troop Commander]

A star in the skies burdened
into flame of the malice
The Mist of the nightfall
Dreams in the witches-house

Stellar Space

In the forest, in the night
The stars shine in the helium eyes
When all is said and done, everything !!!

Black shadow, blood battle
Gathers in the soul of dead
We are running out of time,
Waiting as time passes by !!!

When you were young
We see the world...

I open the portal first,
We journally in Pulsar Atomic
Give me the gift of flight
Across the astral plane we race

[Portal Keeper :]
Come rest with me...
To leave the still of the earth
Like the trees we will sway in motion
Open my soul just to give you my whole
What they do, they do for the sky !!!

May my voice can be carried
Unbound from the Upperworld
The fire and the fury
The leave is high underneath the moon

I dance in the Space of Mysterious Flame
To the night side, where the darkness light
make believing, we are survivors

World's become an empty space. It's never coming back
Come and fly now, with the broken wings
Enter through one gate to the white land

Let us be reborn again
Sorrow's tale is on her lips
Welcome to thy Judgement Day
Prince of Shadows
Declaring war

Beneath the sky
Blinding dust of the universe
The lightning strike !!!

Chains of extinction
There is a path running free
It's deprecated !!!

[Back to Portal Keeper]


Duality of the natural order
Choosen bearer of the past
The momentum of horizon
A spearhead located on either side of it

Millions of nights, Millions of stars
My heart smells biosphere ability
Into the gate of ancient portal space

Flaw bias of cosmic light
Gate for civilization
Illuminate the gate of rotation
Gate for civilization


from March on Gravitation, track released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


FROMHELL Indonesia

Black Metal from Indonesia
Dedi Sadikin (Vocals)
Derick Prawira (Drums)

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